I Miss Mayberry

I wanted to talk today about the VERY interesting history of my most recent campsite in Mt. Airy, VA. I stayed in a private park called Mayberry Campground for about a month. Mt Airy is an incredible small town that was the inspiration for Mayberry in the Andy Griffith show. The town shops have all sorts of souvenirs related to the Andy Griffith show, including a town tour you can take in the old fashioned sheriff car. The campground itself has a totally separate, but just as interesting history behind it. It is built on the former plantation of Eng and Chang Bunker, the original Siamese twins who were joined at the pelvis. Basically, they were of Malay/Chinese/Thai descent and a sideshow person thought that they could make a lot of money off of them on tour. Once their contract ended, they settled in Mt Airy, NC and bought a plantation with slaves. They were both married, to sisters, and apparently Chang had 12 children and Eng had 10. They became bitter after the south lost the civil war, and Chang suffered a stroke and began drinking heavily. Chang died in 1874 and Eng died 3 hours later. 

And now in 2016 that plantation land is an absolutely gorgeous campground :) While I was there, there was a NC RV group gathering with some bluegrass music and raffles. Everyone was so friendly, and even though it was a 45 min drive to my work it was such beautiful scenery that I didn't even mind!