New Beginnings

Big announcement to all my friends and family; welcome to my new blog!! I turned in my 30 day notice yesterday at my job and am now living full time in my fifth wheel RV. It sounds a little wacky but I'm going to be living full time in my RV, traveling for my job. I've been loosely thinking about this idea for about a year, and seriously researching since January. Hours and hours and hours of online research, RV shows, NADA guides, etc.  On the day I bought my RV in March, I wasn't actually planning on buying, just browsing. But I absolutely fell in love with my new home on wheels, and here I sit 4 months later in an awesome KOA with a lakefront view. I'm excited but super nervous to leave the safety of a permanent home trading for lots of adventure. I'll be doing 13 week contract speech therapy and I'm not sure where my first assignment will be or what setting it will be in or even when it will start. I'll keep everyone updated on the way! My youtube channel and facebook page are linked on the home page. They are empty at the moment but stay tuned :)