Moving day

Every time in the past few months when I have moved my camper, my mom has been there to help. Even though neither one of us really had a clue what to do, it is somehow comforting to have an extra pair of eyes. This move was my first solo journey and I was extra nervous and paranoid about messing something up and being homeless. I strapped down my belongings, slid in my slides, hooked up to my hitch, and I headed out.

The trip was 3 hours and was largely uneventful. I took a stroll around my new campground when I got there, picked a site that was far enough away from most of the others for some privacy (which happened to be a pull though! Score!!!) and pulled my camper right on through. Stuck my blocks down, leveled everything, unhooked from my truck, went to slide out my slides and……realized I had parked myself too close to the electrical box. Oopsie #1.  I’m not sure if I would have cleared it or not, but figured I better pull forward the extra 3 inches to make sure. So after reversing the whole process, pulling forward 3 inches and re-staking my claim on the land (a 40 minute endeavor), I hooked up to power with no problem.

Hooking up to water didn’t go as smoothly.  A water filter at the end of its life and refused to let anything through. Turning on faucets inside resulted in Drip. Drip. Drip. Not good news for a smelly, sweaty, tired woman who just wants a shower. So what is a girl to do? Consult the internet for solutions, of course. Reaching for my phone, I realized that my phone was…not in reach. I searched high and low, and I found it low. Low, under my truck tire, smashed to bits. Oopsie #2. I vaguely recalled setting it on the tailgate when I was re-positioning my home, but the memory of safely putting it in my purse was suspiciously absent. So a quick trip to the Verizon store and $500 later with new (insured) iphone in my pocket,  I had a spring in my step because I really really needed to use the bathroom.  Went to hook up my sewer, and the campground sewer plug wouldn’t budge. Oh well, I’ll just work on filling my tanks and hook up when I need to dump in about 14 days.

Fast forward tp 14 days later…Hook up the sewer hose, pull the lever, and nasty nasty stuff flies everywhere. Hadn’t tightened my hose enough. Oopsie #3. One quick shower later (with great water pressure!), and I was finally all settled! Only took about 2 weeks for the whole process. I'll consider all my mistakes as learning opportunities, and just keep rolling on.