Happy New Year! This year's recap and a look forward.

New in 2016: Bought a truck, bought an RV, became a traveling therapist, learned how to drive and back up a trailer, hitch and unhitch, dump sewage, level an RV, started guitar classes, started aerial yoga classes, and celebrated New Years by party bus in 2 time zones.

New in 2017: Saw an armadillo cross the road (as of 1/2/17, this is all I've got but I hope to expand!)

There's a fear of branching out from a certain path, a safe path, and making your own way. My mom keeps saying things to me like "When you buy your real house in a few years...". What if I don't want to settle down and live in a house? I don't want to be a part of the typical pattern of being a busy worker bee for 50 years, only to retire sick and old and have to live the rest of my "free" life in a nursing home. But the idea of living in an RV forever sounds kind of laughable. What if people think that I am a bum? Like i had so much potential and never amounted to anything. There is something to be said for being the professional woman that people look up to, that is in charge of businesses and is a community leader, and has the husband, 2 kids-and-a-dog household with a fenced yard, a washing machine, and a dishwasher. Part of me really wants that, and i'm not counting it out. But I am finding that being a speech therapist is not wholly fulfilling to me, and the idea of working 5 days a week for the next 50 years kind of makes me nauseous. There are some parts I like- the routine, the feeling of being useful, the professional environment, being around other smart and talented people, the sweet patients I meet, the good money. But I have to admit to that I am constantly thinking of ways to explore other paths. How can I make a living that supports me and my passions? 

The reason travel therapy appeals to me is twofold: One, it allows me to try out the RV life. Two, it gives me the option of trying out speech therapy settings to see if there's one that really clicks with me and that I actually would want to settle down with. in 2016, nothing in the SLP world really grabbed me but I'm hopeful that 2017 might deliver. You can't get a reward without taking a risk. I have a vision and a plan for my life but honestly it constantly changes. It is so easy for me to dream of the future and think "oh if I had this I would be happy", and I struggle with that every day. And I am happy right now by some measures and not happy by others.

As far as "settling down" goes, I do want to find a romantic partner/best friend. But I feel like in order to find someone with the same interests as me, I actually have to start DOING those things, instead of dreaming about them. In December my new challenge was aerial yoga and I liked it. In 2017 I want to do silks, lyra, any dance class I can find, continue playing guitar, and also try jiu jitsu which sounds really random buy I want to learn how to fight and be strong. And of course I want to continue pole dancing...I am really missing it since I've been living in these small towns. I feel like for the past year I've been in a planning and learning phase in my life...the growth curve has seemed like a vertical line that is just now starting to tip back to the horizontal plane. But 2017 is young, and the possibilities are endless :) I hope for more good things to come!!!!