10 Reasons I Don't Love Travel Speech Therapy

This is the counterpart blog post to "10 Reasons I Love Travel Speech Therapy". No job is perfect so let's get into it!


As much as having a new job every 13 weeks can be exciting, it can also be a little scary to not know where you're living or what kind of job you will have. Especially if you have bills to pay and financial goals to achieve!

2) Lack of Training

The company who hires you is paying a lot for you, and they don't typically want to spend time investing their resources into training you for the position since you will be  leaving soon. So your first day on the job can sometimes be a full day of patient care with little to no orientation about the building or the paperwork systems. 

3) Productivity Demands

This is related to number 2, but productivity demands tend to be especially high for travelers because the company is paying you more than an average staff member on the team. It can make for a stressful 13 weeks if you have a boss who is constantly reminding you that you need to be working faster even as you are already working at lightning speed trying to serve your patients well in an ethical manner.

4) Leaving Coworkers and Friends

One of the best parts of a job will be your awesome coworkers and all the new friends you will make! But it can take time to build those bonds. Often I'm just starting to find my rhythm and making friends with them when I have to leave. 

5) Interviews

Having to interview for a new job every 13 weeks is not really fun. On one hand, it gives you great practice and usually the interviews are pretty easy. On the other hand...it's just stressful to really want a job and have the fear that you won't get it due to a tough interview. 

6)  Housing

You won't be able to accept a job unless you can find housing for it. Some towns are great for housing options and some aren't. Whether you have an RV like me or you go the long term motel or Air BnB route, it can be a frustrating experience. 

7) Commute

If you do find a housing option there is no guarantee you will be close to the office. This is more for travelers in RVs specifically, but sometimes it can be hard to find a park right near the office. I've been in some positions where they are 5 minutes apart, and others where it's more like a 45 minute drive. I prefer a 20 minute drive or less but honestly beggars can't be choosers

8) Location

There is this image of traveling to different cities all the time as something very glamorous. However sometimes the reason that the client is hiring a traveler is because no one wants to live in that location permanently! Especially in the southern US, a lot of the places you will go are very rural, which makes socialization outside of work challenging. 

9) Job Satisfaction

Another reason why the building might be looking for a traveler is because it is a terrible place to work and they can't hold down a full time employee. Luckily this is why I have a 30 day notice contingency in all my contracts. Even if it's the worst job ever, I can get out in 30 days if I need to. 

10) Family Ties

Traveling from family for so long can be hard. I know that's what causes me to want breaks in between my assignments. And it is also a reason why travelers tend to be either fresh out of school and often not married with no kids, or middle aged empty-nesters.  


So there you go! If you are expecting a perfect, glamorous, travel life than you may be disappointing by what travel therapy offers you. There are really good times, and really bad times just like any job. But between the pros vs. cons, it is very hard for me to picture returning to a full time, normal job. Most days the good outweighs the bad and I make it through just fine!