When a Travel SLP Contract Job Ends

My current contract ends in about 2 weeks and a few logistical issues are occupying my mind. 

Heath Insurance. I am a full time, W2 employee with my company and I do receive my health insurance through them. With my company in particular, if my contract ends and I have another one lined up I am fully covered by my employer for 2 weeks between assignments. I do know of some companies will cover you for up to 4 weeks so this is a great question to ask if you are shopping around for a travel company. But since I don't have a new job lined up, I will be eligible for COBRA insurance. COBRA is a type of insurance that maintains the exact benefits that I was getting from my job, but instead of me paying a little bit and my employer covering the rest, instead all of the costs are paid by me directly and it's quite expensive. I plan to be full time jobless from November through February this winter, so my budget each month needs to include COBRA costs. 

Going home. As a traveler with a legal tax home (a room I rent from my mom), in order to technically maintain that tax home it is required that you spend 30 days in your home per year.  I am not sure how closely the government looks at these things...and honestly I'm not going home *because* of this reason. My real reasons are that it is the holiday season, I haven't actually lived at home for more than 2 weeks at a time in over 8 years and I'm kind of missing it, and I don't want to be in my RV in the cold winter (it's the mild winter in the southern US, but I'm a wimp I guess). The scales are tipped in favor of taking a traveling break for the winter. In the future I really want to travel out west, and I actually was thinking about doing it this year but honestly I've gotten burnt out from full time speech therapy (story of my life) and I want to take a break. 

Income. I am going to be doing part time work while I'm home, some things related to speech therapy and some that are not. I'm going to be working on a website launch to make a bit of passive income that I started developing 3 months ago but haven't found the time to finish. I'll also be doing some PRN work as a speech therapist in my home town although I don't know how many hours I'll be working yet. I expect it to be somewhere between 20-30 hours, so these next few months will really be more of a working vacation.  Then there's some wild card income ideas. I have an online side hustle with a transcription service that I can do in my PJs from bed, I'm thinking about trying my hand being an E-bay seller, and I actually even applied to a community college in my area as an adjunct professor so we'll see how that goes. I'm also thinking about applying to WAG or Rover which are like Uber for dog walking just because it seems like a good way to get some exercise, play with dogs, and make some cash doing it. So it's going to be such a mix of income streams for the next few months but my low monthly expenses and my current savings allow me this flexibility, which I'm grateful for. 

RV logistics. My HOA does not allow RV parking, so I will be winterizing it (myself??) and storing it at a place a few hours away from where I live. I'm from a major metropolis so i can save about $60 per month by storing it 2 hours away in a different town. I'll be pretty much moving out of it at that time, but luckily pretty much all that I own fits in the back of my truck. I will probably be leaving things like pots/pans, trash cans, etc.

I'll see how it goes!! I haven't spent more than a couple of weeks at a time living with my wonderful, amazing, beautiful mom (Hi Mom! I know you're reading. I love you!) since i turned 18. She called me the other day and said that I probably should work as much as I can outside of the house so we don't kill each other. Her hobby right now is making deco mesh wreaths and her first craft fair is coming up soon, so I'm actually excited to help with that. I hope it's a success!