Transitioning from Full Time RVer to Part Time RVer

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If I am planning on buying a house before the age of 34, then what is the future of my RV life?? Well I can safely say that I'm addicted to RVing. My current fifth wheel and truck set up works perfectly for now, being parked 13 weeks at a time and having some type of "home base". But for serious road-tripping abilities, I am very envious of a smaller rig. Something like a 24 foot Class C equipped with a generator and solar power to take advantage of boondocking. Used options are not too cost prohibitive- a good rig like that can go for around $30,000 used. Of course I have learned my lesson and don't plan on borrowing a dime. In fact, I don't plan on buying this future RV until I have no mortgage. 

 I don't know what part of the country I want to live in yet, but I do know that even when I get a house I always want to have an RV! Especially after age 34 when I'll be retired, that will be the perfect time to go on road trips for months at a time. While I'm gone I can even rent out my home to produce some extra income.

Knowing that I want to own an RV does dictate a certain type of house: one with enough land to park it, with no HOAs with negative rules about RVs. That pretty much eliminates my hometown in the DC metro area. My parents seem to have hit that certain age where their generation has started making the great migration to Florida, so to stay close to them I'm highly considering that state as an option for myself. Florida is known to be a great state to live in as a full time RVer in due to abundant RV services and their lack of state income tax.

I'm also considering Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina, and my current state,Virginia, for various reasons. If I go to Florida I want to live within a 20 bike ride of the beach. If I live in my home state of VA i'm 100% sure the central part of the state near the blue ridge parkway and the Appalachian mountains is the area for me. Something like Harrisonburg, Staunton, or Charlottesville. After living in a few cities throughout my life, I think my personal sweet spot is a small-mid size college town and those three Virginia cities fit the bill. As far as the other states...the sky is the limit! I want to start traveling there and explore to find some cities that fit into my criteria. I would like a small-mid size college town that is fairly walkable/bikeable, with nice green space and city amenities. Anyone have suggestions?