What Does Early Retirement Mean?

Here's a question that I posed to myself: "If I still work after I retire...does that mean I'm actually not retired?" What a great question, RVegan. In my opinion, early retirement does not necessarily mean lying on a beach sipping a drink and never having to consider working ever again (unless that's exactly what you want!). For me it just means reaching a stage of financial independence where I only work at my discretion doing things I love. 

That means if I want to travel for 9 months out of the year and work 3 months, or if I want to work seasonally in a national park, or if I want to work just a couple of days a week making crafts, or walking dogs, or welding, or developing apps, or writing blog posts, or teaching, then I'll do it! And if I don't want to, then I won't. Simple, yet effective. Welcome to my retirement dream. 

 "Life is not so much about money or possessions,  it’s about freedom of time and mobility to go wherever you like. And it’s not about not working, it’s more about not being tied down to any particular job" - MMM