10 Reasons I Love Travel Speech Therapy

1) I can work in any state I want.

East coast, west coast, hot, cold, Non-contiguous. It's all there for me to choose! I can figure out where I want to eventually settle down by sampling a little bit of everything. 

2) Experiencing different management styles.

 I know what type of boss will make me want to cry every day and what type will make me feel valued and good about the work I'm doing. I always search out the latter. 

3)I can leave any job I don't want after 13 weeks

Nobody will ever ding me for being "non-committal". If I love the job I can stay up to a year and still be considered a traveler, but if I hate it then I can just bounce on to the next one. Many travelers even gain permanent employment once their contract is finished (or bought out), but the first 13 weeks can be great to see if you actually like working there. 

4) I have tons of references!

When applying to jobs in the past I used to hate giving 3 references because I had to hope that my boss from 5 years ago remembered me (side note: I suck at keeping in touch). Now I have a growing list of around 15 people who will give me a glowing recommendation anytime I ask. 

5) Meeting some of the best people! 

This one is self explanatory. If you don't ever leave your geographical bubble you will miss out on meeting some amazing folks. 

6) Learning new skills. 

When you're in the same job for several years you might start to feel like you've done it all, seen it all. With travel there is always something new to learn and new people to learn from! 

7) Flexibility!

If I don't want to take a new job right after my old one, I don't have to. I can take a one day break, a month-long break, or a year-long break! It's 100% up to me and there will always be a job waiting for me.

8) Contract Control.

Management and I negotiate a contract at the start of a new job. If I want to work four 10 hour days, I can have it written into my contract. If I don't want to work weekends, I can have it written into my contract. If I need a random Friday off 2 months from now...you guessed it! If the job can't give me those things, then I just don't sign the contract. Before I started traveling I was working erratic hours and couldn't get a day off to save my life. Travel Therapy is like a breath of fresh air. 

9) The money. 

There are some hoops you have to jump through (like duplicating your living expenses) to get all the monetary benefits of travel therapy but once you do the reward is sweet. In addition to my salary, I get an additional tax free stipend every week for meals and living expenses.  

10) The range of settings.

I can work one contract in a hospital, then in outpatient, then home health, then a nursing home, then a school....If you get easily bored in one place then travel therapy could be right for you!


What do you guys think? Did I miss any of the amazing benefits? Let me know what else you can think of in the comments below!