All I Want, and Nothing More

Why is it that some people can live happy, frugal lives and others can't? I think it's because marketing has convinced us that we need to be consumers. "The iPhone 7 is sooooo much better than the iPhone 6 and I just have to have it right now! That's what will make me happy!" 

Here's the thing though...if you keep wanting more and more stuff, you will never be happy because you will NEVER have everything you want. Even if you spend $90,000 a year, or $2 million a year, it doesn't matter because you will be chasing the consumer high of getting that next big thing. 

If you can learn to be frugal you can break that cycle. To me, frugal means eliminating useless spending if it doesn't make you happy and help you reach your ultimate goals. Learning to love and appreciate what you have, and asking yourself "Will buying this thing make me happier than I already am?" and then listening to that answer will set you on the right path. A frugal person can be happy with less, because they actually do have everything they want. Let that sit for a minute. A person who lives on less by their own choice has EVERYTHING they want. Wouldn't that be amazing? Ah to be the person who has everything.