Who is Reading this Blog?

It's rare that I'm posting one blog so soon after my last, but I just decided to check out my analytics and wanted to share the coolness! 

Of course this blog is small, and most people reading are my friends and family who come here from my facebook page when I post a link. But I was surprised to find some strangers in the mix! I'm assuming they are largely coming from my instagram, which is also linked back to this blog. Both links for my facebook and instagram are in the footer of any page here, by the way...you should check them out!  

Since 2016, 375 visits (46%) have come directly to this site from typing in the direct URL. 341 visits (42%) have come from social media links. 77 visits (9%) have come from google, bing, and yahoo searches from one of my tags. And 28 visits (3%) have come from a category called "referral". What??? So some other sites somehow linking to mine. Cool beans! I certainly haven't paid for any advertisements, so that was a nice surprise. 

The other cool part is where my audience lives. 725 visits came from the US and 30 came from Canada. My third most popular country is India, which came in with a very nice 4 visits. I got 3 visits from Russia, and 2 visits each coming from the Phillipines, Ukraine, Germany, and Poland, and then single visits from: UAE, Bolivia, the UK, Ireland, Norway, China, Indonesia, and either French Guiana or France (The map is inconclusive on that one).

Happy Travels!